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  Attic ventilator -
  Attic ventilator -  (Grey)

Attic ventilator
Attic ventilator for sloped roof - Grey
no. 60305

SKU : 60305

The Venmar attic ventilator for sloped roofs, 60300 model, is characterized by its innovative design and ease of installation.

Thanks to its 3 openings and excellent ventilation capacity (from 700 to 1,200 sq. ft.), the 60300 efficiently expels excess humidity, which commonly accumulates in the attic, thereby helping protect your building against accelerated degradation.

In addition, its exclusive multi-slope base fits roof slopes from 1’’ per foot (1/12) to 16’’ per foot (16/12) and requires no slope adaptor.

  • Exclusive multi-slope base; ideal for sloped roofs
  • Three openings provide superior ventilation
  • Innovative design prevents snow and rain infiltration
  • Discreet look
  • Innovative seamless cap
  • Can easily replace traditional roof vents

(Shown in black)


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