Venmar and new Energy Star standards

Venmar and new Energy Star standards

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Drummondville, July 11, 2012 - Through the ENERGY STAR® program, Natural Resources Canada challenges manufacturers to continuously improve their products from an energy efficiency standpoint. Since July, heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) and energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are subject to stricter requirements in order to be labeled ENERGY STAR, explains Christopher Bender, Product manager, Indoor Air Quality for Venmar Ventilation Inc.

 Last June, Venmar has introduced to the market a new and improved version of the majority of its most popular air exchangers. In addition to meeting the new and more stringent ENERGY STAR requirements, these units are more reliable, efficient and easier to install than ever. Indeed, several technical improvements have been made to products such as new tighter dampers, a deeper drain pan and thicker insulation. In addition, these units are compatible with the new digital and modern Deco-TouchTM wall control.

 “As a result of our confidence in these significant improvements, Venmar is pleased to offer a
5-year warranty on parts for the Constructo 1.5 ES and 2.0 ES models.  Which is the same as for the Solo and Duo Series” said Pat Hénaire, Vice-President Marketing at Venmar Ventilation Inc.

 With all these HRVs and ERVs that meet the higher ENERGY STAR requirements, Venmar offers the most complete and up-to-date range of energy-efficiency air exchangers, keeping its leading position for years to come.

 About Venmar Ventilation Inc.

 Founded in 1978 and leader in the indoor air quality in North America, the company has pushed the limits of ventilation thanks to numerous investments in research and development. 

 With its numerous products and steady increase, Venmar Ventilation aims for the highest standards and remains a company where culture of innovation is promoted with determination, to the benefit of consumers here and abroad.

 Proud to provide every North American home with a complete range of products including whole-house air exchangers, range hoods and attic ventilators, allowing revitalization of the whole house.

 Venmar Ventilation believes in quality; so it continuously improves its products, its processes and its quality management system to maintain its leader position.

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