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How an air exchanger helps having a healthy house?

Venmar presents air exchanger technology from a homeowner perspective. It showcases all you need to know from why installing an air exchanger to the benefits for the occupants. This tool help everyone understand how air exchangers help having a healthy house to understanding the advantages occupants will benefit from.

Venmar AVS
EA Constructo
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Venmar AVS
70 and less

Available in: Canada

A basic ventilation system, economic and robust, that controls excess humidity.

Recognize for its unsurpassed quality and superior craftsmanship, the Constructo 41000 offers the essential features to ensure good ventilation and control the humidity level thus improving indoor air quality in your house while reducing the risk of condensation on windows

  • Perfect for all new building projects with limited installation space
  • Plug-in module, simplifying the installation
  • Intake and exhaust ports for indoor air have a 6” (15 cm) diameter, to facilitate the installation in a new house
  • Mechanical air filtration by a washable filter
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CFM 60
Main Wall Control Dehumidistat included
Filter Aluminum
Warranty on parts 2 years
Warranty on core or thermal wheel N/A
ENERGY STAR © qualified No
HVI certified No

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The wide range of Venmar AVS units meets all needs, regardless of your home architecture. These products are designed to be installed by a Venmar-trained certified specialist for a turnkey project.