Venmar AVS - FAE125M

Venmar AVS

Venmar AVS
70 and less

The economical way to get fresh air in your home

The complete line of furnace air exchanger is the essential complement for homes heated with a forced air system. Using the existing ducting system and the furnace blower, these units provide fresh air from the outside to the furnace. At the same time, they ensure good ventilation by exhausting stale air to the outside. All these units recover a portion of the heat from the stale air and transfer it to the fresh incoming air.

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Main Wall Control Dehumidistat included
Filter Aluminum
Warranty on parts 2 years
Warranty on core or thermal wheel Limited lifetime
ENERGY STAR © qualified No
HVI certified No

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The wide range of Venmar AVS units meets all needs, regardless of your home architecture. These products are designed to be installed by a Venmar-trained certified specialist for a turnkey project.