The advantages of good ventilation

The kitchen is the heart of your home. You and your family spend several hours in the kitchen each week.  It is also the main source of pollution in your home.  Why?

Cooking causes grease, steam, odors and other pollutants that spread throughout your house.

Here are 6 benefits of adequate kitchen ventilation:

  • Minimizes accumulation of cooking odours and grease in curtains and blinds
  • Lessens the circulation of spores and pollen from household plants that can aggravate allergy symptoms
  • Decreases mildew, peeling and discoloration of wallpaper and paintwork due to moist air and contaminants
  • Prevents finish damage by reducing the condensation of acidic contaminants on cabinets
  • Removes excess cooking heat and household chemical "outgas" from your kitchen
  • Helps reduce mould and bacteria "build-up" on countertops and cooking areas

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