Range hood surface cleaning

Stainless steel hoods should be cleaned regularly with a clean rag or cloth soaked in warm water mixed with a mild soap or dish detergent. You may also use a specialized household stainless steel cleaner. DO NOT use any steel or stainless steel wool or any other scrapers to remove stubborn dirt. DO NOT use any harsh or abrasive cleaners. Rinse with clear water and dry immediately. Always clean in the direction of the grain (direction of the polish lines). Furniture polish oil may also be used to accent the hood’s glossy finish.

Regular cleaning will also protect the surface of painted hoods, but avoid using any abrasives or products containing bleaching agents. Most of the chemicals found in such products react with heat to loosen paint. Since your hood is installed over cooking equipment that is often hot, the use of such products may lead to damage of the painted surface.

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