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Air Exchangers
Advanced Touchscreen Control
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It is the most advanced wall control thanks to Virtuo Air TechnologyMD. It features intuitive, fully configurable modes via the touch screen. It is the perfect wall control for those who love technology. It offers bidirectional communication between the unit and the wall control to get detailed maintenance information. All unit settings are easy to program. The pairing with auxiliary control(s) is simple. The installer can also save a program to reuse it for a similar dwelling.


SMART: The system will operate according to outdoor temperature and indoor temperature/humidity.

CONT: MIN, MED or MAX speed continuous exchange ventilation.

INT: Alternate between continuous exchange mode and standby or recirculation modes as per selected configuration. Speed and time are adjustable.

RECIRC: Recirculate air inside the house at the selected speed.

TURBO: 4-hour MAX speed exchange ventilation then comes back to its previous mode.

deshum   DEHUM: The wall control includes a programmable dehumidistat.

SCHEDULING: It is possible to schedule the ventilation system operating modes for a week.

The indicator lights up when filter maintenance is required and there is a detailed system error log for easier maintenance.

extra This wall control also features extra modes such as away and discretion.

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