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How an air exchanger helps having a healthy house?

Venmar presents air exchanger technology from a homeowner perspective. It showcases all you need to know from why installing an air exchanger to the benefits for the occupants. This tool help everyone understand how air exchangers help having a healthy house to understanding the advantages occupants will benefit from.

Venmar AVS
Constructo 2.0 ES ERV
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Venmar AVS
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Contractors and builders need cost-effective, reliable and code-compliant mechanical ventilation systems for new home construction.  The Venmar AVS Constructo Series offers superior value at an entry-level price and represents over 15 years of continuous improvement to deliver contractors the durability and reliability they have come to expect from Venmar.

The ERV Constructo 2.0 ES offers superior heat recovery and moisture control at an affordable price, making it the ideal air exchanger for new larger homes* construction projects in all climate zones.

This remarkable ERV air exchanger not only improves indoor air quality by keeping homes supplied with fresh outdoor air, but it also recovers heat and moisture to control comfort levels and enhance energy efficiency in heated, humidified or air-conditioned homes.

*Refer to local Building Code.

To learn more about wall controls compatible with this unit, please refer to the wall controls specification sheet.

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CFM 80/183
Main Wall Control Deco-Touch, Lite-Touch, Constructo
Filter Washable foam
Warranty on parts 5 years
Warranty on core or thermal wheel 5 years
ENERGY STAR © qualified No
HVI certified Yes

Specification Sheet

Ispira collection

The wide range of Venmar AVS units meets all needs, regardless of your home architecture. These products are designed to be installed by a Venmar-trained certified specialist for a turnkey project.



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