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EVO5 500 HRV
Sold in hardware stores

Model number : EVO5-500

The EVO5 500 HRV is the brand new air exchanger with heat recovery core and is ideal for homes up to 2,700 sq. ft of living space.

This latest evolution of Energy Star® certified air exchangers, called EVO5, features high energy efficient units with an annual consumption reduced up to 50%. You save up to $186 in annual energy costs compared to air exchangers without heat recovery. In addition, these units are ultra-quiet (2.5 sones) with their advanced ventilator design. Being 40% more compact, they are quick and easy to install with their ducting reduced to 5 in. and their electronic wall control included in the box.

To learn more about the electronic wall control included with this unit, click here.

The basic installation kit no. IKSV1000 (sold separately) is required for installation of this unit. It is also possible to purchase an optional bathroom installation kit no. IKBV1000 (sold separately).

This unit is available in hardware stores only.

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Replacement Parts

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CFM 50-94
Main Wall Control Electronic wall control included including 40 ft. wire
Filter Washable foam (2 filters for HRV included)
Warranty on parts 1 year, and extend your warranty by 1 year if you register this product online
Warranty on core or thermal wheel limited lifetime
ENERGY STAR © qualified yes
HVI certified yes



Specification Sheet


User and Installer Manual