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You are looking for an air exchanger with a specific exchange rate, sold in specialized ventilation stores or hardware stores, that you can install yourself or have installed by a specialist, we have the search tool to help you find the model you need.

From the left menu, select the first criterion that matters most to you, either by ventilation capacity, by type of recovery (HRV, ERV or exchange) or by brand. You can then refine your search by selecting other criteria, like the ENERGY STAR® certification*, and thus find the air echangers that suit your needs.

* If an air exchanger is ENERGY STAR® certified, it's because it meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by Natural Resources Canada and the US EPA. It meets ENERGY STAR® requirements only when used in Canada.

Venmar Air Exchangers Venmar EVO5 500 HRV

EVO5 500 HRV Sold in hardware stores

Venmar Air Exchangers Venmar EVO5 700 HRV HEPA

EVO5 700 HRV HEPA Sold in hardware stores