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Powerful hood / Silent hood

You are looking for a stylish, a powerful or simply a silent hood; we have the search tool to help you find the model you need.

From the left menu, select the first criterion that matters most to you, either by range hood type, by power output, by width or by brand. You can then refine your search by selecting other criteria and thus find the models that suit your needs.

Venmar Range Hoods Chef VCQDD1 - New

VCQDD1 - New VCQDD1 Series

Venmar Range Hoods Chef VCQLA1 - New

VCQLA1 - New VCQLA1 Series

Venmar Range Hoods Chef VCQSEN1 - New


Venmar Range Hoods Chef VCS500 - New

VCS500 - New VCS Series

Venmar Range Hoods Chef VCS550 - New

VCS550 - New VCS Series