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Visit us in store between October 1 and December 31 and take advantage of our special offers.

Visit us in store between October 1 and December 31 and take advantage of our special offers.


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Featured Products

X Series - The Future of Fresh Air

When it comes to pure efficiency, we've just raised the bar.

The whole home ventilation system is a centrepiece of today’s energy-efficient homes. Venmar AVS introduces its new X Series that combines the best performance with the best energy efficiency to provide fresher, purer air in your home at a lower overall operating cost. That’s Pure Efficiency.

Discover the new X Series from Venmar AVS

The Venmar's central vacuums

In-depth cleaning for a healthier environment.

For more than 35 years, Venmar has been helping homeowners to enjoy better quality of life though better air quality. By combining suction power and high-performance HEPA filtration. Venmar's new line of central vacuums represents a healthy solution for the well-being of your family and may even help to reduce symptoms associated with allergies and respiratory problems.

Discover Venmar’s new central vacuums collection

Ispira range hoods: innovative features inspired by your senses!

The new Venmar Ispira range hood Collection: a personal touch of boldness and sophistication, an effortless addition to any modern kitchen decor. Very trendy.

The new generation of Ispira range hoods presents numerous advantages: a new and exclusive PURLEDTM light system, a new hybrid filter resulting from the perfect combination of two filtering technologies which ensures superior grease capturing, a powerful and even quieter blower, as well as interchangeable glass panels available in your choice of 8 trendy colors to personalize your decor.

Discover Venmar’s new Ispira range hood collection

S Series - Ultra-slim air exchangers for high-rise residential towers

The ideal in-suite ventilation solution

Contemporary construction standards and the requirements of modern urban living have raised the bar for cost and performance. Venmar AVS meets these demands with a remarkable achievement - up to 115 CFM airflow rate and unmatched energy efficiency in a design so compact it installs easily in the ceiling of any living unit. At only nine inches thick, this is a great, cost-effective solution.

View S10 ERV Plus

View S10 ERV

E Series - Get the maximum builder package points from HRV category!

Venmar AVS introduces its new E Series: A family of Energy Efficient units that is growing with more choices.

View E10 HRV

View E15 HRV

K Series - Venmar AVS introduces the new K Series

The Kubix products are gaining popularity since their arrival on the market. We are now expanding the range by offering products providing up to 95 CFM.


View K7 HRV

View K7  ERV

View K8 HRV 

View K10 HRV 

Venmar Jazz hoods new arrivals!

New affordable and trendy chimney hoods

Due to unceasing growth in demand for affordable and trendy range hoods, Venmar presents its fourth generation of Venmar Jazz range hoods. Discover them!

View Venmar Jazz Range Hoods

The new air exchangers EVO5

An important evolution of energy-efficient performance

Venmar is proud to introduce its new generation of EVO5 air exchangers. With an annual consumption reduced up to 50%, these high-performance, energy-efficient units are Energy Star® certified. They are 50% quieter with their advanced ventilator design and are quick and easy to install; thanks to their 40% more compact size and their ducting reduced to 5 in.

For an optimal indoor air quality and comfort throughout your home, the new EVO5 air exchangers are your best choice!

View EVO5 Air Exchangers