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As an engineer, you have to keep track of a variety of building mechanics-related factors in your projects. When it comes to HVAC, your goal is to optimize air quality in your buildings while meeting all Building Code standards and requirements.

To help you manage your projects, we’ve developed a portal specially designed for you that brings together all our products and brands for central and local ventilation projects. In it you’ll find a variety of tools and information that allow you to compare our products so it’s easier to make the right choice and plan your expenses.


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As a North American leader in ventilation products, we are known for offering top-quality, state-of-the-art products you can count on. Our products are tested and proven by an independent laboratory to ensure they meet most stringent performance and quality requirements.

For any project, big or small, our team of seasoned experts is available to help you make the best choices.



Leader in indoor air quality
For guaranteed reliability across the board

As an undisputed North American leader, Venmar offers a full range of ERV and HRV systems. Our brand is built on excellence, and that’s why we’ve been the trusted choice for millions of individuals and business owners for over 40 years.

We work hard every day to uphold our mission to help improve indoor air quality by developing, manufacturing and selling devices and equipment that deliver outstanding quality and reliability to our retail and wholesale customers. In our efforts to meet and exceed the highest standards, we continuously strive to push our expertise even further.

For us, this unflagging commitment to quality is the reason we’re leaders in our field. For our customers and partners, it’s the reason for their satisfaction, comfort, well-being, and peace of mind.