About Venmar

About Venmar

Venmar, the undisputed market leader in development of indoor air quality products.

Simply for your wellness and comfort.

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Today, with over one million satisfied owners,
Venmar offers a full range of products, including range hoods,
attic fans and ventilation and filtration systems.


Mission & values


Venmar is the undisputed Canadian market leader in manufacturing and distribution of built-in residential ventilation and air exchange products including energy recovery components. We provide our customers a more comfortable and healthier indoor environment through wholesale, retail, appliance and OEM channels.


Our customers are our reason for being. We show our dedication by providing them with value-added products and services, to make their experience as pleasant as possible.


Our employees are our greatest resource. We empower them and give them the opportunity to develop and grow to their full potential.


We believe in quality. We continuously improve our products, our processes and our quality management system to maintain our leading edge.


Health and safety are at the core of our priorities. We provide our employees with a safe work environment in which we promote the best work methods.


Our suppliers are essential to our success. We involve them as partners and maintain solid business relationships.


Our history

Venmar Ventilation ULC was founded in 1978 by daring Drummondville entrepreneurs as a turbine vent distributor for prefabricated and mobile homes. Starting with twenty employees, its executive quickly turned to manufacturing of ventilation systems sold through a network of construction supply centres. The Drummondville company thus found its way to a very promising future.

Although the company was acquired by Broan LLC, a subsidiary of Nortek, in 1995, it has always preserved the dynamic entrepreneurial culture keeping its characteristic of its origins. Today, Venmar Ventilation ULC ranks among the leading North American manufacturers of indoor air quality products for residential use. More than 350 employees make every effort to achieve the highest quality standards. Innovation is expressed with power and motivation through the different product lines, such as central air exchanges, range hoods and attic ventilators. The acquisition by Nortek in 1995 allowed many investments in research and development, at the same time allowing the employees to broaden their expertise and evolve within a constantly growing company.

Venmar Ventilation ULC has asserted its leadership in the ventilation industry, establishing quality, style and reliability standards that have improved the indoor comfort of thousands of North American homes.

  • Venmar began production of attic turbine vents (ventilation by extraction)

  • Launch of the first mechanical ventilators, Econair 100 and Econair 25

  • Launch of the air exchangers

  • Launch of a line of heat recovery ventilators

  • Launch of a product line for the specialized installer network

  • Venmar begins manufacturing of unique range hoods

  • Venmar joins Nortek Our affiliation to this multinational, wealth of 12,200 employees spread into 23 companies around the world, opens us widely the international markets door.

  • Birth of Innergy Tech, specializing in energy recovery technologies

  • Introduction of attic ventilators

  • Renewal of the range of devices for the specialized installer network

  • Venmar obtains ISO 9001 certification

  • Relocation of the range hood plant and the distribution centre

  • Launch of the HEPA product line for the retail network

  • Launch of Constructo 1.0 air exchanges for condominiums and apartments

  • Launch of the Venmar Jazz range hood line

  • Launch of a line of compact, economical air exchangers for small residences, Kubix and launch of a new line of modern and design range hoods, Ispira.

  • Launch of the new EVO5 air exchanger platform. 

  • Launch of the S Series; ultra-slim air exchangers for high-rise residential towers.