Air Exchangers

How to balance the new X Series units

This video will help the installer to learn the balancing steps with the help of the new wall control. All steps for the unit installation including the connecting of ducts and drain tubing remain unchanged.

Venmar AVS - S Series

This video describes the new S Series, ultra-slim air exchangers for high-rise residential towers.

EVO5 - Why ventilate?

This video explains why it is necessary to ventilate today's homes using an air exchanger. It shows the different issues solved by the use of an air exchanger.

EVO5 - How to choose your air exchanger?

This video explains how to choose between EVO5 500 HRV and EVO5 700 HRV HEPA.

EVO5 - Installation options

This video explains the installation options for EVO5 air exchangers.

Venmar Lifestyle

Why do we need an air exchanger and what are the sources of pollution inside the house.

Venmar Air Exchanger

The benefits of a Venmar Air Exchanger on health and comfort.

Constructo Air Exchanger

For improved indoor air quality at an affordable price, the Constructo is the number one choice for new residential constructions in North America. Learn more about the Constructo air exchanger with this video.

ALTITUDE Air Exchanger Digital Control

This video describes the different steps of programming your Venmar AVS Altitude Air exchanger digital control. It will help you taking advantage of all features and benefits of this hi-end digital control.

Deco-Touch Air Exchanger digital control

This video describes the different steps to program and use your Deco-Touch Venmar AVS Air Exchanger digital control to take advantage of all the possibilities of this new control.

Venmar HRV 2600-HEPA 3100 Air Exchanger Installation in basement of a house

This video describes the steps for installing a Venmar air exchanger HRV 2600-HEPA 3100. The installation is in the basement of a house.

Venmar EA1500 Air Exchanger Installation in attic of a house

This video describes the steps for installing a Venmar air exchanger EA 1500, replacing an older air exchanger. The installation is in the attic of a house.

Installation grilles of an air exchanger and exterior hood

This video describes the steps to install the inside grilles for air exchange as well as the exterior hood.

Range Hoods

The new Venmar Bistro Range Hoods

Learn about the NEW Venmar Bistro Range Hoods with the Captur exclusive system.

Discover the Ispira Collection

The New ISPIRA Collection: A hint of effervescence, touched by inspiration. Appreciate this new collection including four series combining refined design and originality.

How its made - Range Hood Venmar

This video shows you all the steps required to manufacture a quality modern style range hood.

Venmar Range Hood Installation (Replacement)

This video describes the installation steps when you replace an under cabinet range hood.

How to choose a range hood

Discover different range hoods set in various modern decors, as well as the characteristics of a quality range hood.

Central Vacuums

The new range of Venmar's central vacuums

This video presents the new Venmar's central vacuums. Manufactured in Canada, they are backed by a warranty of up to 10 years so you can count on performance and peace of mind for years to come.