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  Venmar AVS - E15 ECM HRV - new

The wide range of Venmar AVS units meets all needs, regardless of your home architecture. These products are designed to be installed by a Venmar-trained certified specialist for a turnkey project.



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Venmar AVS
E15 ECM HRV - new

Get the maximum builder package points from HRV category!

The E Series has been developed with energy efficient home building cost optimization in mind. In addition to providing high performances, this series offers environmentally-friendly air exchangers.

- With an exceptional sensible recovery efficiency of 75% SRE @0°C and 70% SRE @ -25°C, these units allow reaching builder option package points required to obtain energy efficient program certification

- Equipped with 2 powerful and reliable motors providing best in class fan efficacy

- Quick installation with airflow balancing system

- Can comply with highest requirements of efficient home programs such as ENERGY STAR® and Novoclimat 2.0

- 5-year warranty


NOTE: The new E15 ECM HRV replaces the EKO 1.5 HRV.


Venmar AVS

CFM 40/80, 53/106, 66/132, 80/157
Main Wall Control Altitude, Deco-Touch
Filter Washable foam
Warranty on parts 5 years
Warranty on core or thermal wheel Limited lifetime
ENERGY STAR © qualified Yes
HVI certified Yes



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