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The kitchen is the heart of your home

Your kitchen, you love it. Every week, you spend hours in it preparing your favorite dishes with your stove. But did you know this room is the main source of air pollution inside your home? In fact, cooking causes emanations of grease, vapors, odors and other pollutants. This is why it is mandatory to own and of course, operate an efficient range hood.

Efficiency and design

All our range hoods and our stove hoods have two features standing them apart: their unequaled reliability and the fact that they blend perfectly with your existing kitchen. From a technical standpoint, our range hoods are built with high efficiency motors, equipped with soundproofing material and powerful turbines drawing in odors and cooking vapors.

Technology on gastronomy service

How the performance of the range hood is measured? By its drawn air flow, in cubic foot by minutes (CFM), and by its sound level, in sones. Rigourous tests conducted by an independant laboratory ensure the quality of our products. All our range hoods being HVI (Home Ventilating Institute) certified; this warrants you that they performed as claimed.

A multitude of styles

Every home, every kitchen and every stove has its own characteristics. Whether it is in terms of design or performance, individuals have their own preferences, and chefs have their own requirements. By offering two lines of range hoods, under-cabinet and speciality hoods, Venmar covers every need.


One line for every need

Hottes Venmar

For style and performance

A Canadian brand, proud of its 30 years of expertise and innovation. Venmar range hoods offer a powerful air draw capability, are easy to clean and created to melt in every kind of decor.
  • High efficiency motors
  • Five-year warranty, including in-home service for the first year
  • Energy saving models Energy Star® certified also available
  • Easy cleaning surfaces
Hottes Venmar Connaisseur

The innovative touch that customizes…

As good wine, the Venmar Connaisseur range hoods are part of good living related to fine cuisine. Their timeless characteristics make them the number one choice for the real connoisseurs!
  • Made in Canada since 1990
  • Five-year warranty, including in-home service for the first year
  • Equipped with the last state-of-the-art technologies
Hottes Venmar Jazz

Jazz : Free-style for your kitchen

The Venmar Jazz range hoods are a statement by themselves. The unique, living and creative personality of Jazz music represents perfectly this range hoods line. More than ambiance, Jazz style brings soul. For people who love to dare!
  • Import product
  • One-year warranty
  • Superior quality efficient system
  • Inspired from European designs
Hottes Venmar Ispira

Release the Ispira within!

Modern, contemporary, groundbreaking. There are no limits. Your kitchen just got a whole lot more stylish. Clean, original, elegant. An arresting simplicity. The allure of glass. A centerpiece for your home.
  • Feather-touch interface
  • Five-year warranty, including in-home service for the first year
  • 4 power levels
  • Exclusive "Heat Sentry™" mode
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Memorises last settings


6 good reasons to use one of our range hoods in your kitchen:

Cooking Odors and Grease

Minimizes cooking odors and grease build-up on walls, curtains and other fabrics in the room.

Paint and Wall Paper

Reduces the opportunity for mold build-up and paint or wall paper degradation caused by moist air and contaminants.

Heat and Chemical gas

Free your kitchen from heat excess and chemical gas.

Spores and Pollen

Reduces the circulation of spores and pollen coming from home plants that may increase the allergy symptoms.

Acid Condensation

Prevents damages on surfaces by reducing acid contaminants condensation on countertops.


Helps reduce bacteria build-up that may cause mold on countertops and cooking surface.