Venmar Air Exchangers - Venmar AVS - Venmar AVS® N Series HRV 159 CFM 68% SRE with Virtuo Air Technology™

Venmar AVS
Venmar AVS® N Series HRV 159 CFM 68% SRE with Virtuo Air Technology™
A160H65RS / A160H65RT

Model number : A160H65RS (side ports) and A160H65RT (top ports)
Venmar AVS
Venmar AVS

Introducing the industry’s most advanced residential fresh air system, created to offer a universal platform specifically designed and improved to make contractors life easier and more profitable while delivering constant superior air quality.

  • Thanks to the Virtuo Air TechnologyTM, the airflow calibration and auto-balancing are achieved quickly and maintained throughout the life of the product
  • Select the desired CFM (from 35 to 110 CFM) using the very first integrated LCD screen. The airflow is then set up automatically
  • Integrated electronic airflow measurement device with real time LCD
  • Integrated diagnostic tool
  • Come with PMSM ECM motors for a very low power consumption
  • Suspended installation (chains included) or Wall-mount installation with 2 brackets or 4 brackets installation (universal brackets included)


For other configuration of the N Series, see lineup below:

Models Core CFM HRV/ERV Ports Recirculation   
A110H65RT HRV 112 65% ERS 5" Yes GO
A130H65RS | A130H65RT HRV 131 65% SRE 5" Yes GO
A130E65RT ERV 131 65% SRE 5" Yes GO
A160H65RS | A160H65RT HRV 160 65% SRE 6" Yes GO
A160E65RS | A160E65RT ERV 150 65% SRE 6" Yes GO
A150H75NS | A150H75NT HRV 150 75% SRE 5" No GO
A150E75NS | A150E75NT ERV 136 75% SRE 5" No GO
A160H75RS | A160H75RT HRV 160 75% SRE 6" Yes GO
A160E75RS | A160E75RT ERV 140 75% SRE 6" Yes GO

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CFM 160
Main Wall Control Advanced Touchsreen Control (41403),
Automatic Control (41404),
Dehumidistat Control (41402),
20-40-60 Control (41400),
20-40-60 Deluxe Control (41401).

Controls are sold separately
Filter MERV 8 (included), optional MERV 13 (V24285)
Warranty on parts 5 years
Warranty on core or thermal wheel Limited lifetime
ENERGY STAR © qualified No
HVI certified Yes





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The wide range of Venmar AVS units meets all needs, regardless of your home architecture. These products are designed to be installed by a Venmar-trained certified specialist for a turnkey project.


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