Charcoal Filter: We recommend replacing the charcoal filter once every 6 months or as needed, according to usage.

Aluminum and Micromesh Filter: Removable without tools and dishwasher safe using non-phosphate detergent. Using a detergent with phosphates, as the content of minerals in water, may cause filters discoloration, but this will not affect their filtration capability. This discoloration is not covered by the warranty.

Blower Wheel: First remove the inlet ring, and then gently pull down the blower wheel in order to remove it from the hood. Both blower wheels and inlet rings are dishwasher safe. (Doesn't apply to Venmar Jazz models)

Stainless Steel: Wash surfaces with clean cloth or rag soaked in warm water and mild soap or liquid dish detergent. A specialised household stainless steel cleaner may also be used. Always clean in the direction of original polish lines.

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